Monday, 21 July 2014

Risk Of Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a condition that happens to men where their breast tissue becomes bloated and fatty tissues are deposited there making the man’s chest area have the same appearance as women’s breasts. This is the reason gynecomastia is sometimes referred to as man boobs. Some experts estimate that as much as 40% of all men suffer from gynecomastia to one degree or another.

Fortunately. Plastic surgery can reduce and sometimes even remove all traces of gynecomastia. Even though it is considered a common procedure, you should be aware that there are still risks involved with gynecomastia surgery. Below are 5 of the risks of gynecomastia surgery.

  • Scarring – Gynecomastia surgery requires the removal of tissue from the breast in a procedure similar to liposuction. Because the surgeon needs to make an incision to remove this tissue it is normal to expect some scarring. If there is a small amount of tissue to be removed the scar will be nearly invisible, but if there is a great deal of tissue removal the scar could be quite large.
  • Chest Asymmetry – Because each side of the chest needs to be done separately it’s possible that the surgeon will be unable to match the two sides evenly. It’s possible that one nipple could end up lower than the other or that one side of the chest could be flatter than the other.
  • Discoloration – It’s possible that the liposuction necessary in gynecomastia could cause a discoloration of the skin. In many cases this is normal and it will disappear after a short time, however in some cases the discoloration can be permanent.
  • Change in chest shape – During the recovery period it’s possible that some other changes could appear in the shape of the chest. Wrinkles, dents and bumps are common deformities that will occur after gynecomastia surgery. This can call for more future surgeries.

The need for additional surgery – In addition to the deformities mentioned above there are other things that can make additional surgery necessary. In some cases not enough tissue is removed the first time and additional gynecomastia surgery is required to remove more tissue. If the asymmetry between the two sides of the chest is severe you may also require additional surgery.

Keep in mind that while gynecomastia surgery can help most men it is last resort. The surgery does pose risks and in some cases may not be necessary as gynecomastia can be combated through diet and exercise. Plus, gynecomastia surgery is not cheap, expect to pay around $4000 on average and top plastic surgeons will of course charge more.

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